QSC CXD Processing Amplifiers


The QSC CXD Series represents a revolutionary advancement in amplifier technology and innovation. Designed specifically for the needs of integrators, CXD provides efficient, robust and extraordinarily high fidelity power to drive multiple channels and configurations of loudspeakers while simultaneously deploying sophisticated digital processing – all with optimal energy and rack space efficiency. The CXD Series consists of three powerful, fourchannel amplifiers, each with onboard DSP, and the capability to configure and combine channels in various ways to drive a wide range of loudspeaker systems including 70V and 100V without the use of transformers. These amplifiers not only provide the power and processing to make your system perform better, they offer outstanding efficiency ensuring that energy costs will be kept to a minimum over the life of the installation. 

Model CXD4.2 CXD4.3 CXD4.5
Power 700 W x 4 Channels 1400 W x 4 Channels 2000 W x 4 Channels
Dimensions (HWD) inches 3.5 × 19 × 16
Weight Shipping 22 lb 25 lb 26 lb

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