Barco GC Lens (0.84-1.02:1) Zoom Lens
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Barco GC Lens (0.84-1.02:1) Zoom Lens
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Barco GC Lens (0.84-1.02:1) Zoom Lens

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    Barco GC Lens (0.84-1.02:1)



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Experience unparalleled clarity and versatility with the Barco GC Lens (0.84-1.02:1) Zoom Lens, designed to elevate your projection experience to new heights. This precision-engineered lens offers a focal length range of 0.84-1.02:1, providing exceptional zoom capabilities for various projection needs. Whether you're showcasing intricate details in architectural designs or captivating audiences with immersive cinematic experiences, this lens delivers stunning image quality with razor-sharp focus from edge to edge. Its advanced optical technology ensures minimal distortion and optimal light transmission, allowing for vivid colors and crisp imagery in any setting. Compatible with Barco's renowned projectors, this lens is a must-have for professionals seeking unparalleled performance and flexibility in their projection setups.
    • Variable Throw Ratio: The lens provides a variable throw ratio ranging from 0.84 to 1.02. This flexibility allows for adjustment in projection distance without needing to physically relocate the projector, enabling versatile setups in different environments.
    • High-Quality Optics: Barco lenses are renowned for their optical quality. The GC Lens maintains high clarity and sharpness across the entire projection surface, ensuring excellent image quality even at short throw distances.
    • Wide Compatibility: Designed specifically for Barco projectors, this lens ensures seamless compatibility and integration with Barco projector models that support interchangeable lenses. It's engineered to work optimally with these projectors, maximizing performance and reliability.
    • Motorized Zoom and Focus: The lens features motorized zoom and focus functionalities, allowing for convenient adjustment of image size and focus remotely. This feature simplifies the installation process and facilitates precise adjustments during setup or while presenting.
    • Durable Construction: Constructed with durable materials and precision engineering, the lens is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. Its robust design ensures longevity and consistent performance even in demanding environments, making it a reliable investment for projection applications.

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