Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
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Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase
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    Product SKU # 30117

Roland VR-1HD tourPack with BYFP ipCase

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    This tourPack includes 1x Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher and 1x BYFP Custom Fit ipCase



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Introducing the Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher with BYFP Waterproof ipCase – Your Ultimate Video Production Solution

Unleash your creativity and take your video production to new heights with the Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher, bundled with the robust and waterproof BYFP ipCase. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in video production, this powerful combination provides you with the tools you need to deliver exceptional content in any environment.

Key Features of the Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher:

Seamless Switching: The VR-1HD offers seamless and professional video switching capabilities. Switch effortlessly between multiple cameras, computers, and other video sources, ensuring smooth transitions for your audience.

Impressive Visual Effects: Elevate your content with a wide range of built-in visual effects, including customizable transitions, picture-in-picture layouts, and green screen keying, enabling you to create captivating and dynamic video presentations.

Easy-to-Use Control: With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the VR-1HD makes video switching a breeze. You don't need to be a tech expert to operate it effectively.

High-Quality Audio: This switcher features a powerful audio mixer, ensuring that your sound quality matches your video excellence. Connect microphones, music sources, and other audio equipment with ease.

Compact and Portable: The VR-1HD is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for on-the-go video production. Take it to events, conferences, or any location you need to capture your content.

Key Features of the BYFP Waterproof ipCase:

Rugged Durability: The BYFP Waterproof ipCase provides unparalleled protection for your valuable video production equipment. Constructed from high-quality materials, it's built to withstand the rigors of transportation and the elements.

Watertight Seal: Keep your gear dry and secure in any weather with the IP-rated watertight seal. Rain or shine, you can count on the BYFP ipcase to protect your investment.

Customizable Interior: The case features a customizable foam interior, allowing you to tailor the storage space to fit your specific equipment and accessories perfectly.

Easy Mobility: Designed with sturdy wheels and a comfortable handle, the BYFP case ensures effortless mobility, even when loaded with your gear.

When you pair the Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher with the BYFP Waterproof ipCase, you get a comprehensive video production solution that's not only high-performing but also rugged and reliable. Whether you're producing live events, streaming online content, or capturing special moments, this combo empowers you to achieve professional results every time.

Elevate your video production game with the Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher tourPack with BYFP ipCase – the ultimate choice for content creators who demand excellence, durability, and versatility in one package.
    Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher

    • Three "worry-free" HDMI inputs, and each one accepts a variety of HD and computer-based video resolutions
    • Set-up the scenes in advance and recall them via the five scene preset buttons, to make your livestreaming way more interesting
    • The VR-1HD switches cameras based on who’s speaking into their microphone. If both people talk at once, or if no one is speaking, the VR-1HD can switch to a wide shot showing both presenters
    • Start playing music and the VR-1HD will switch to different camera inputs based on your playing tempo or the music in your DJ performance – letting you act as your own VJ
    • For extended live streams with no operator, set the VR-1HD to switch between sources in a pre-defined order, or randomly, at your chosen rate of time
    • Audio from your input sources can automatically change when you switch video sources, by engaging the Audio Follows Video function – one less thing to worry about during your livestream

    BYFP Waterproof ipCase

    • Watertight/dustproof injection molded outer shell
    • Automatic ambient pressure equalization valve
    • (2) Patented trigger latches
    • (2) Metal reinforced locking loops
    • Heavy duty hook-and-loop tabs

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